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                                     Welcome to TEN-DOU                      

                   (Menu for the standard course)  

            gChildren on the Way Homeh

                       A primary guidebook for the strangers
compiled some specially
                       selected tales having something to do with 
it using comparatively easier expressions.

             gHow to win your Way to Heavenh

                       A handbook for the newcomers to TEN-DOU
                       specially edited for the sake of their further
understanding of ethe Wayf.

            gTEN-DOU (from A to Z)h

                       A textbook for the instructors or experts in
                       TEN-DOU talking about the concepts of the
great Way in detail.


                     TEN-DOU SOU-TEN-DAN (MI-ROKU JI, the head office)
669-1505) 1,073 N
IN-JI SAN-DA city HYO-GO pref. Japan